After moving from Canada to New Orleans a year ago, I noticed something that frustrated me about the TV channels here.

Have you ever noticed the viscous cycle of TV advertising in the US? Of course there are many ads on TV, but the prevalence of these are what caught my attention.

The first kind: Fast-food commercials

It is one thing to sell a fried chicken bucket as tasty and fast, but it takes another level of irresponsibility to sell it as a real and full family meal. Watch the ad below to see the emotional tactics fast food companies employ to relate to the target audience.

The second kind: Direct to consumer marketing on pharmaceuticals

Then there are the commercials that advertise pharmaceuticals directly to consumers. We’ve all seen these, and we probably get a good chuckle out of them too. Have you noticed that the list of side effects in these ads are longer than the benefits? And many of them include death as a side effect. Does that mean someone in fact died in their trails?

And did you know that the USA and New Zealand are the only two countries that allow DTC (direct to consumer) marketing of pharmaceuticals?

Here’s a commercial for a sleeping pill. What would keep me awake is knowing I may start sleep walking at night, or start having hallucinations, increased depression, and thoughts of suicide…oh and some allergic reactions could be fatal. Maybe if we reduce our late night buckets of fried chicken, we will be able to fall asleep at night.

The fact that doctors are unethically sold to by pharmaceutical sales reps, who have no medical or even a science background whatsoever, is a whole another can of worms. Check this bit by John Oliver to understand the reality of the situation.

The third kind: Lawsuits on these drugs

These advertisements probe consumers to file lawsuits for adverse reactions caused by the very drugs that were advertised to them.  Reading through the comments on YouTube shows how real this issue can be for many people.

Forget the American Dream, do these ads portray the frightening new American Reality?




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