We’ve all been there. We come back from our vacation wishing for another vacation so we can catch up on our sleep and get back to our routine. We put on those few pounds, and that causes us to lose motivation to hit the gym. We think to ourselves: why bother? Once we fall off the horse, it is extremely hard to get back on!

But what if you could maintain your momentum while you were on your vacation, so it didn’t feel like a complete disaster after coming back. What if you didn’t have to start from scratch. Can you really enjoy travelling without the fear of losing your commitment to yourself?

For me personally, a trip is a lot more enjoyable if I’m able to keep my energy levels up, eat well, and stay hydrated. I come back home rejuvenated as opposed to feeling like I need a second vacation!

I just recently went to Las Vegas for 5 days, and I really enjoyed my trip, especially because I came back feeling healthier than I had left! I was able to maintain my routine, and still enjoy the sights and eat out. In fact, I lost a couple of pounds while on vacation. Oh, and I also made $40 dollars on Roulette, so that’s not too bad I guess!

Here are some of my tips for traveling healthy!

Here are the Amazon links to resistance bands and loops that I speak about in my video. They make great travel-workout-buddies!

Wishing you healthy travels!





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